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Judy's Sumo Pool

  Bar Rules 

1. Select the wrestler's code letter and place in ranking order according to your predictions on the total wins each wrestler will have during the 15 day tournament. For example, If you predict that Asashoryu will have the most wins for the tournament, place his code letter "A" in the first column which will multiply his total wins x8. If you predict that Tochiazuma will have the second most wins, place his code letter "B" in the second column. This will multiply his total wins x7. Continue to fill in the first eight columns, placing ANY of the other wrestler's codes in the respective columns.

2. The Wild Card picks (WC1 & WC2) MUST be selected from the Wild Card Selection Group, letters V-PP (this may occasionally change). You may also select from the wild card group to fill in any of the first 8 picks.

3. Cost is $10.00 per pick sheet. Play as many times as you like.

4. Person with highest total points wins 70% of the pool, Second highest total wins 20%. Providing there is a minimum of 15 players, third place will get a free entry for the following tournament.  If there is a tie for first place, 90% of the pool money will be split, and none will go to second. If there is a tie for second place, 20% of the money will be split between the 2nd place winners, there will be no third place prize.  If there is a tie for third place the two players will each get a $5 discount the next tournament, if more than 2 people tie no award will be given as it deals with higher math.  Anybody that is in last place for all 15 days will get a free ride the next basho.  Regular bouts only count towards the final score. Playoff wins do not count.

5. Picks must be turned in by 1900 at the CPO Club, the Saturday before the tournament or received via E-mail by 1600 Sunday, the first day of the tournament.

6. Players picks will be posted at the usual locations on Sunday, the first day of the tournament, postings may also be viewed here, the "Official Judys' Sumo site". Final results, including winners, will be posted by Monday following the last day of the tournament.

All Decisions by the Judy's Pool Management and the Corner Bar are FINAL